Thank You, Courier News/Home News Tribune and!

We thank you for the great article you placed in the Courier News, Home News Tribune and on along with photos of Bentley Community Services!

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Thank You, Bloomberg! for Your Ongoing Help and Support!

We cannot thank Bloomberg and the employee volunteers enough for their ongoing help and support.  A team comes to Bentley every Tuesday to help with many assorted tasks all over our facility. Large amounts of fresh, bulk fruits and vegetables are sorted, along with such a diverse amount of other fresh and frozen foods, dry goods, quality bakery, basic needs products and flowers and plants.

Here are some photos of the dedicated and hard working volunteers from Bloomberg:


Thank You, Community Volunteers!

We are so thankful for the numerous volunteers at Bentley; the clientele family volunteers, the employee work teams that come from important partnerships we have with corporations and community organizations and key community volunteers offering helping hands.

Highlighting our key community volunteers that come to Bentley virtually every week, we thank them for their time and help. The many various tasks they do each week helps Bentley in its operations. Thank you for your support and dedication to our mission and goals as we continue to create access to such high quality, diverse fresh foods and more products, facilitating healthy diets and nutrition to the clientele families we serve! Please click this article to see photos of our key community volunteers:


Cheryl and Arlene


Beya and Janet                                                                 Tracy


Dottie and Luci                                           Joan, Meena, Rujul and Kavita


Esha and Kathy                                     James,Joey,Anoushka,Esha,Willow,Claire,Ayo,Julia

Thank you, Bloomberg!

We thank Bloomberg for their ongoing support!  Each week a team of numerous helping hands employee volunteers from Bloomberg is at Bentley helping us with our intake of high quality, fresh food provisions, sorting and packing, unloading our box truck, placing product where it needs to be, breaking down endless boxes and helping set up our facility for distribution to our clientele families.  We so appreciate your help!


Generous Providers – Thank You For Your Ongoing Support!

We are so thankful to all of our generous providers for their weekly ongoing support by giving us such high quality, healthy and fresh provisions helping Bentley feed so many. Thank you for helping us create access to diverse food provisions and facilitating healthy diets and nutrition, as we re-distribute these high quality foods weekly to our clientele families.


Health & Wellness Workshop

We recently held a Health & Wellness workshop for our clientele families. This workshop was facilitated by a truly dynamic Terry Lynch, MHS, DPT who has offices in Hillsborough.  What an amazing workshop where we learned so many tools and tips as we look ahead to better health and wellness through 2018 and beyond. Thank you, Terry for a great workshop!


A Huge Milestone for Bentley!

Since our start in August, 2013 through year ending December, 2017, Bentley has re-distributed 1,005,256 lbs. of food provisions!  Thank you to all of our generous providers for helping us to provide high quality, mostly fresh foods, as we create access to and facilitate healthy diets and nutrition through our distribution efforts.