Bloomberg – Thank You For Your Help and Support!

Thanking Bloomberg is ongoing since employee teams are in our facility each week with their helping hands as we continue in our efforts to create access to and provide truly diverse, healthy food provisions to our clientele families, facilitating healthy diets and nutrition. Their help is very appreciated as the many tasks they do weekly help us tremendously!


Many Thanks to Bloomberg!

We again have to thank Bloomberg and the helping hands employee volunteers that help us at Bentley.  Such terrific work is done by all and we truly appreciate everyone.  Thank you for helping us create access to healthy foods, facilitating healthy diets and nutrition in our distribution efforts each week.

Many Thanks to Bloomberg!

Once again, we must thank Bloomberg and the terrific employees that come to Bentley weekly to help us with large amounts of wonderful healthy and fresh foods we receive from our truly generous providers! Their helping hands check and sort foods, pack and store them in appropriate boxes/containers in our numerous cold storage equipment, help set up for our distribution efforts, recycle cardboard and do other associated tasks. Thank you so much for your help and support!

It Truly Is An Honor and Privilege To Serve

In 2018: Bentley distributed 282,070 lbs. of high quality food provisions, graduated 17 families out of our program, volunteers logged 18,624 hours, we supplemented each clientele family with $12,600 worth of provisions, to date have distributed 1,343,680 lbs. of provisions and graduated a total of 76 families since August 2013 that have reached financial stability and security.