The Season of Gratitude and Giving

At Bentley Community Services, we have so much to be thankful for. Each day we are blessed with so many blessings! We thank our generous providers of provisions, our funders, supporters and volunteers! The season of gratitude and the season of giving is here!  Please consider giving to Bentley Community Services for your end of year or throughout the year tax-deductible donation.  We need your help and support for our operations and toward our services to clientele families. Please visit for information.  Thank you!

Thank You, Trader Joe’s!

Our friends at Trader Joe’s came to visit us this week!  The team toured our warehouse facility, helped us get ready for distribution by packing full shopping carts of high quality foods to distribute to clientele. Trader Joe’s is an amazing generous provider to Bentley and they enjoyed packing their wide range of delicious products into the shopping carts along with our other generous providers’ provisions! Thank you for your ongoing help and support!

Thank You, Bloomberg!

The work teams that come to Bentley to offer helping hands are terrific!  Thank you to Bloomberg for your continuing help and support. They each do such a great job checking and sorting the bounty of foods that we receive from our providers and other associated work to help with our operations.

Thank You, BMS!

It was such a great day as we welcomed our friends from BMS back to the Bentley facility!  These helping hands volunteers from BMS did such a terrific job checking and sorting the bounty of provisions we received this day from our generous providers.  We are very thankful and appreciate their help!

Thank You, Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary!

Bentley has a new van that was critically needed for operations thanks to the generosity of Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary! Pictured on the left from Rotary:  Kevin Lynch, Mary DeCicco, Josh Turner, Andy Mozumar, Tony Parziale.  Pictured right are Brant and Dorothy Holmes, Bentley Community Services.

The Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary raised funds to help purchase a much needed ProMaster van for Bentley Community Services, a designated 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.  Rotary raised the majority of the funds during the pandemic year of 2020 which was an extraordinary task.

“We are so grateful to Rotary for their help, support and determination in raising funds for a much needed new vehicle, especially during the pandemic, Dorothy Stearns-Holmes, Executive Director stated. We were a focused project of Rotary’s for 2020 and Rotary worked very diligently raising funds despite the compromised year of lockdowns.  We were in such great need of another vehicle that is crucial for scheduled pick-ups of provisions from our providers of products and are extremely thankful for the support from Rotary”.

Bentley Community Services began in Belle Mead eight years ago, outgrew its location and moved their operations in 2015 to a warehouse facility nearby in Monmouth Junction. Bentley Community Services is a unique food pantry, serving not only Somerset County but the entire Central New Jersey region to those having difficulty making ends meet.  Full shopping carts of high quality foods are distributed each week to clientele, as they save crucial monies to reduce debt, pay monthly bills and get on the fast track toward self-sufficiency. With the rising costs of groceries and living, the families, seniors and individuals that Bentley serves are struggling financially and often cut back on healthier foods that they simply cannot afford.  With Bentley creating access to and providing high quality fresh foods, non-perishables, toiletries and household goods, these families are preparing healthy meals for their diet and nutrition while saving crucial monies. Clientele set goals and work toward reaching their goal of financial stability and security. If you are struggling making ends meet, please contact Bentley Community Services at 908-227-0684 and visit the website at and

Since its founding in 1990, Montgomery-Rocky Hill Rotarians have offered their personal time and effort to people in need and for projects local, regional, national and international. They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for worthwhile causes, primarily through their signature fundraiser, the Run with Rotary.  For more information, please contact them at