Thank You Sunshiners!

The Sunshiners, a group of working women came back to Bentley Saturday to help on our very busy intake day!  They certainly did a terrific job helping with the many tasks there are to do. Thank you for your helping hands!

Thank you Sunshiners!

We give a huge thank you to The Sunshiners, a group of working women that came to Bentley to help recently on a Saturday. After a brief training session, these working women certainly worked!  They all did such terrific work with the many things there are to do at Bentley, especially on Saturdays.  Thank you to all!

Thank You Bloomberg

Thank you to Bloomberg employee volunteers for their helping hands at Bentley.  They all do such terrific work with the many things there are to do!  With the shortage of community volunteers, we are deeply thankful for their help. Thank you, Bloomberg!

Providing Help to Regain Self-Sufficiency

With the higher costs of living and groceries many families are struggling paycheck to paycheck. Bentley specifically distributes full shopping carts weekly to clients to help offset/eliminate weekly grocery bills so crucial monies are saved to pay expenses, bills and reduce debt.  Bentley creates access to and provides healthier foods, facilitating healthy diets and nutrition.  If you are struggling and need help, please call us at 908-227-0684. We can help get you on the fast track to self-sufficiency.


Thank You Dr. Markowitz!

We thank Dr. Stephen Markowitz, staff and their clientele for the generous donations of non-perishable foods and toiletries.  It was such a bounty of provisions that it filled a Suburban!  We greatly appreciate your help and support! Such a warm and welcoming office and always a special treat to see Bono, a great Berner Doodle! (Pictured: Dr. Markowitz, Kayla and Bono)

Stop & Shop Floral Bouquet Program

For the month of January 2022, Bentley Community Services has been selected to receive a $1 donation for every $10.99 Bloomin’ 4 Good Bouquet with the red circle sticker sold at the Stop & Shop store located at 3333 Route 27, Kendall Park NJ.

Please tell your work colleagues, friends, neighbors and post on social media to help get the word out. Thank you!

Thank You Bloomberg

We are very grateful for the continued weekly help and support from Bloomberg. The teams of employees all do such terrific work in all areas of our operations and certainly stay busy! It is truly a pleasure to work with them. Thank you Bloomberg!


Thank You Bloomberg

The employees that come to Bentley each week to help with our intake and with our operations are terrific. They truly do such a wonderful job and it is a pleasure to work alongside them.  Thank you Bloomberg!

Year End Giving

Please consider donating to Bentley Community Services for your end of year or throughout the year tax-deductible donation.  We appreciate your help and support for our operations and toward our services to clientele families. Please visit our website at and please donate through PayPal.  Thank you for your generous donations!