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We welcome hearing from you with any inquiries for Bentley Community Services, Inc.

Please contact us for an application to fill out where it will be reviewed for qualification to the Bentley program.

  • Dorothy Stearns, Executive Director

You may contact us at:

Telephone: 908-227-0684

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Fax: 908-874-5440

Mailing Address:  PO Box 1093, Belle Mead, New Jersey 08502

Distribution Facility: 3562 Route 27, #106, Kendall Park, NJ 08824








11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Dorothy and Brant,

    Great to see you at Princeton Gym in today Morning!

    I pray GOD, to make me to involve and work with you now and in future.

    Hope to hear from you!

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards

  2. Our family is very thankful to the BCS and the organizations that have donated. We are a hard working family but in recent yrs our income has struggled. This program has been a blessing help to us. Dorothy and Brant are very personable and genuine. The program makes you feel comfortable and unashamed. God bless Jason and Dolores P

  3. My husband has been unemployed for over a year and it is nearly impossible to support our family on my salary alone. We have cut as many things as possible out of our budget, including skimping on food. In July I noticed an article about Bentley Community Services offering provisions to struggling, working families in need. Since our initial meeting, Dorothy and Brent have welcomed me to “shop” every week. They have provided a resource of support that I could never have I imagined could be available to people in my situation. BCS is truly a blessing to my family and others!

  4. Checking the local newspaper back in June , I was so lucky to have found Bentley Community Services. It is a non profit organization that helps working families in need. I am a hardworking single mom of two. Nowadays, it is really hard to support a family on one salary. (Paying rent, food, electric, gas and more). Since June, I am an active shopper at Bentley. I am delighted with the wonderful and healthy provisions from our local farmers and shops all generously provided to Bentley Community Services. I used to have to purchase costly vegetables, fruit and toiletry items every week. Now I am able to designate the money I save towards monthly bills in my household. Thanks so much to Dorothy and Brant for your hard work and dedication to helping others. I am thankful for their help with my family. I don’t have enough words to thank you enough … and THANKS SO MUCH to all the farmers, shops, bakeries and stores for your wonderful donations!!!

  5. Thank you! Bentley for helping us so much every week with such unbelievable groceries and basic needs! We are truly saving money each week to help pay our monthly bills and expenses, and unexpected repairs and problems! We absolutely love the delicious groceries that you supply us with every week – it is really remarkable all of the work you do to help so many of us! Thank you so much. We actually are eating better than we ever have with the delicious healthy fruits, vegetables, really everything you provide to us. We are so thankful that you exist for families like ours, working but having a hard time. Thank you.

  6. Bentley Services is a lifesaver!
    When no one else was there to help us…Bentley was.
    This middle class family whose life was turned upside down due to the loss of the sole supporter of the family is not only able to survive but, to thrive.
    Those at Bentley work hard and long to give information and get wonderful providers who care about our community and ALL of its people.
    Words cannot describe how grateful we the recipients are…to Dorothy and Brent, to all the volunteers and especially to all that give.
    I know that our situation is a temporary one but, what we have learned and all of the generosity received through them will forever remain an indelible and permanent positive and blessed experience.
    Thank you!

  7. We are a middle class family of four. Both my husband and I worked full time. When my husband lost his job 20 months ago, we were devastated. My husband continues to aggressively look for employment, but the job market is tough. Thankfully he has been able to secure part time work. We were not eligible for any government assistance, besides unemployment (which he was no longer eligible for once he got a part time job), and our bills piled up. We stopped all unnecessary services, stopped using our car, lowered the heat, etc. all in an attempt to stay above water. Even with making all these changes we needed to skimp on food. That was until Bentley Community Services came to our rescue. Through Bentley, we are given healthy provisions each week. Produce, non-perishables, bread and bakery, dairy, and meat are provided to us. This is truly a BLESSING! I don’t know how we could survive without Bentley. Thanks Dorothy and Brant for all you do for struggling families like mine!!!

  8. I found you by driving by and I looked up the organization and was in disbelief because I am a working individual who has lost my full time job , but currently working P/T and I have downsized all that I can to continue to pay my mortgage. And buy the necessary needs n pay the bills to stay afloat to the point it has compromise my food choices. I was in tears when I found out what the organization does. It’s so wonderful there is help for people like me who don’t qualify for certain services have a place that can help them .

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