Religious and Spiritual Houses of Worship Partners

The Religious and Spiritual Houses of Worship Partners are important to our mission and goals where we provide groceries, basic needs, household goods, clothing, adult education and more to our participant families in need.  They also are an important and vital part in all of our communities for everyone.  Through referring participant families, financial support, providing provisions, hosting food drives and volunteer support, Bentley Community Services is grateful for their contributions in helping our participant families. The benefits for our partners are:*Display of your name at Bentley Community Services’ lobby; *Promotion of your house of worship at our events (open house gatherings, fundraising activities, special events, etc.) *Opportunities to sponsor food drives for Bentley Community Services at your house of worship which encourages involvement in your faithful community that increases community exposure; *Listed on BCS website, in press releases and marketing materials.

We would like to refer a family/families that certainly can benefit from your services:

Name ________________________________ Telephone # _______________________

We would like to financially support Bentley Community Services (please check one below):

_______ Silver $50 monthly ($600 yearly)

_______ Gold $100 monthly ($1,200 yearly)

_______ Platinum $200 monthly ($2,400 yearly)

_______ We would like to make a one-time donation $_______

We would like to help the participant families with a food drive:

_______ Annually                    _______ Semi-annually                     _______Quarterly

Please let us know which month(s) you would like to hold a food drive:


Religious/Spiritual House of Worship Name _____________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________

Telephone # _______________________________ Email _________________________

Representative Name _________________________  Volunteer Name _______________

Date ___________________________________

We certainly are grateful and appreciate your help, support and donations.  Please make checks payable to Bentley Community Services, Inc. and mail to P. O. Box 1093, Belle Mead, New Jersey 08502.

                                                ~ With deep gratitude – we thank you! ~

Houses of Worship partner form (click here)

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