Trader Joe’s – A Gracious Thank You

We are truly thankful and blessed for the full range of food provisions we receive from our generous provider, Trader Joe’s.  We are certainly so grateful for their support and generous giving to Bentley.  Each and every week their welcoming staff is such a pleasure to collaborate with and we thank you for providing much needed healthy food provisions for our participant families. We are truly grateful as are our participant families.  The flower donations also brighten the lives of so many, adding such a colorful reminder that the warmer months are ahead.  Thank you! Your generous provisions are helping so many struggling working families in need.

3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s – A Gracious Thank You

  1. It is with great gratitude that I write to share my appreciation in the Bentley Program. I have been in the program three weeks now. Meeting Brant & Dorothy has been a blessing in disguise. I was referred by the Montgomery Evangelical Free Church. I was reluctant to even call Bentley due to the systems failure to support working parents. I couldn’t bare the thought of applying for assistance and again being turned away. When I spoke with Dorothy she explained just the opposite. She informed me Bentley helped working parents who were having difficulty making ends meet. To my surprise I went to meet Dorothy and shop. It was a great relief to bring home boxes not a bag of groceries. I have never heard of such a program as Bentley but I do thank GOD he placed Brant & Dorothy in our path. It goes to show good people really do still exist. It also proves how powerful prayer & FAITH are. We are all blessed!

  2. We are so grateful for the help and kindness from Dorothy and Brant. The organization helps working families to enjoy nutritious and healthy foods as they move forward to financial stability. Thank you to the generous providers like Trade Joe’s for providing such amazing options for the families. Dorothy and Brant have created such a positive environment of helping hands, thank you’s, prayer, healthy foods, volunteers and unbelievable help. It is beyond words. Our family is so grateful for all that Bentley Community Services offers – it is truly a blessing. Thank you so much for all you do!

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