*Please Give & Support Local

*We Are Growing and Need Your Help

*If You Are Struggling, Please Contact Us For Help

*Your Generous Donation Is Tax-Deductible

With the season of thanks and giving upon us and the holiday season right around the corner, please consider giving locally with a generous monetary donation to Bentley Community Services, Inc., a designated 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. Bentley Community Services specifically addresses the new need in our communities, helping hardworking, formerly employed and underemployed families that need help due to our unstable economy that do not qualify for assistance, by providing healthy groceries, fresh produce, toiletries and more.

*We provide for over 30 working families since June 2013 in our local communities in Montgomery Township, Hillsborough and Princeton as well as throughout Somerset, Hunterdon, Middlesex and Mercer counties. We provide a community where people can be responsible and accountable for meeting their basic needs and equip them with tools to overcome financial difficulty. The money they save on these crucial staples enables them to pay their monthly bills and expenses, avoiding foreclosures and evictions.  Participant families are able to feed their children, put gas in the car and head towards financial stability and security.

*Since June, 2013 Bentley Community Services has distributed over 10 tons of food (that’s 20,000 lbs.) to participant families. We also donate our surplus to other agencies in need, feeding additional numerous families, as we do not believe in food waste.

*If you make above state and federal guidelines, do not qualify for assistance but need help due to the unstable economy, please contact us at 908-227-0684 for help and assistance.

*We are growing and building and need your help. Your generous donations will help our organization further our important work in helping and providing for struggling, hard working families in need that do not qualify for assistance in our communities.  We appreciate your confidence and support.

*$25 helps feed one participant family for one week

*$50 helps feed one participant family for two weeks

*$85 is a tank full of gas for our truck

*$100 helps feed one participant family for one month

Please make checks payable to Bentley Community Services, Inc. PO Box 1093, Belle Mead, NJ 08502 or make a safe, secure tax-deductible charitable donation in any amount by credit card directly on our website  Your gracious donations are tax deductible and you will receive a tax-receipt for your records. Thank you for your generous contributions!  We certainly are grateful.


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