Thank You, Daisy Troop 80270 from Milltown, NJ!

We thank Daisy Troop 80270 from Milltown, NJ who came to Bentley yesterday to deliver dog and cat kibble to help clientele families and their beloved pets!  The troop raised monies selling girl scout cookies and from the profits wanted to make a difference helping both families and animals in need. That’s when Troop Leader Sue McCabe contacted us from a featured story about Bentley in the local newspapers and we were a fit for what they wanted to do!

Pictured representing the Daisy Troop are Abby, Tesla and Marilyn along with Troop Leader Sue McCabe.  They certainly did a great job and learned seeing a cost amount attached to what they donated and how much money they helped other people save from a pet food purchase. Thank you so much for your generous donations helping and providing for our neighbors in need!


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