It Truly Is An Honor and Privilege To Serve

In 2018: Bentley distributed 282,070 lbs. of high quality food provisions, graduated 17 families out of our program, volunteers logged 18,624 hours, we supplemented each clientele family with $12,600 worth of provisions, to date have distributed 1,343,680 lbs. of provisions and graduated a total of 76 families since August 2013 that have reached financial stability and security.

One thought on “It Truly Is An Honor and Privilege To Serve

  1. Participating in the Bentley program is not only is helping us financially but is also making us healthier and happier because we are so much less stressed. We have been able to take summer vacations since starting the program. It has allowed my family to save on supermarket bills which has drastically decreased our spending. This has allowed us to use the money saved to lower our credit card debt and more importantly our credit card debt stop increasing.
    Lowering our outstanding debt resulted in an increase of our credit score which allowed us to qualify for a refinance of our home mortgage lowering of monthly mortgage by $400. We have started to pay off our children’s college loans too!
    Savings attained by participating in the Bentley’s program has afforded me the ability to continue to make much needed home repairs and replacements. From our roof, hot water heater, and, outdoor light fixtures.

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