Thankful and Inspiring!

Receiving fresh flowers each week at Bentley makes everyone’s lives brighter and colorful.  One of our families shared mindful and thoughtful photos of how she inspires her family.  Thank you, Rachel for sharing!



2 thoughts on “Thankful and Inspiring!

  1. Ditto Rachel. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful group of friends and caring individuals who bring together a community of sharing and supporting each other. It is very rewarding to connect with the Bentley family each week and it makes a world of difference. And the flowers absolutely brighten my day 🙂 Cheers to all the fabulous contributors to this organization!

  2. Bentley is such an amazing organization, helping so many families in need. Bentley provides wholesome, nutritious foods, many are organic, even some of the meats are grass fed and organic. They also provide so many household items to the program members. Families have very little they have to purchase from a store on a weekly basis, helping them achieve financial solvency. Thankfully Bentley is there to help the middle class, when otherwise they would have nowhere to turn. What a truly wonderful organization!

    M & P

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