Recognition to the Drivers

Without a large transportation vehicle and a driver, provisions cannot get from Point A to Point B.  We pickup on a weekly schedule from our generous providers donated surplus provisions personally and we know first hand what takes place in traveling to the providers, loading the truck with generous provisions, driving to other pickups, loading the truck and driving back to the facility where it is unloaded.  Then, each crate, box, pallet or bag is broken down, sorted, packed and placed to where it needs to be: refrigerator, freezer, shelves or stored.

Bentley donates its surplus to other agencies in our region, re-distributing generous provisions to their at-risk vulnerable populations.  These agencies pickup generous provisions at our warehouse distribution facility and their drivers travel to our location in their truck and load the generous provisions.  Without these drivers doing this work, provisions cannot be picked up and transported back to the agency. These drivers play a very important role in the process.

We give recognition to these drivers that are hard-working, dedicated to their work, their charitable organization and who are kind, personable and thankful.  We are certainly thankful to know them and are honored and privileged to serve.



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