The Season of Giving

Please consider giving to Bentley Community Services during the season of giving and even year round for your tax-deductible generous charitable donation.  You may choose to donate through our website via PayPal on the Donations page or send your generous donation by check to Bentley Community Services, PO Box 1093, Belle Mead, NJ 08502.  We need your support and are grateful for your generous donations!


Financial Workshop

Another successful financial workshop was held to help new families in the Bentley program.  Our facilitator, Kevin Lynch, Westminster Wealth Management certainly did an excellent job teaching and informing everyone with so many important tools to implement towards their finances, understanding their finances, budgeting, controlling spending, savings, how to reduce debts, improve one’s credit score and more.  Thank you, Kevin.


We welcome and thank our new generous provider, Princeton University!

We welcome Princeton University as our new generous provider joining a long list of incredible generous providers supplying food provisions and more to Bentley.  Practicing sustainability, surplus foods are harvested through several dining halls for us to pick up.  The wide variety of food provisions are healthy and delicious and our clientele families are certainly thankful each week as they choose from a variety of prepared foods. Thank you, Princeton University!  Pictured here are Chef Dan and Chef Alex who came to Bentley for a site visit to see our operations! A special thank you to Sarah, Sustainability Manager, for her coordination of this program.


Von Thun Farm – Thank You!

We thank Von Thun Farm for providing Bentley with diverse and great amounts of farm fresh produce weekly.  Bentley was in need of fresh corn for our clientele and Von Thun Farm certainly provided!  We received 26 bags of freshly picked corn for our distribution efforts!  A huge thank you to Von Thun Farm for your ongoing support of produce and the bounty of freshly picked corn!



Thank You, Bloomberg!

Another volunteer work team from Bloomberg came out to Snyder’s Farm to help pick Aronia berries.  Aronia berries, (Chokeberries) are cultivated as ornamental plants and as food products. The sour berries can be eaten raw off the bush, but are more frequently processed. They can be found in wine, jam, syrup, juice, soft spreads, tea, salsa, chili starters, extracts, beer, ice cream, gummies and tinctures. The name “chokeberry” comes from the astringency of the fruits, which create a sensation making one’s mouth pucker.

We thank Bloomberg for their helping hands helping Bentley and Snyder’s Farm for their generous produce donations!



Thank You, Johnson & Johnson!

We welcomed employees from Johnson & Johnson this week offering helping hands at Bentley. They all did such great work, sorting through a large amount of fresh foods, sorting and placing into inventory the non-perishables and toiletries we received at our food drive at McCaffrey’s, breaking down numerous boxes, sorting through and stocking quality breads and bakery and processing the beautiful flowers we receive weekly from Trader Joe’s.  Thank you so much for helping at Bentley – we appreciate you volunteering and your helping hands!


Thank You, McCaffrey’s & Community of Shoppers!

Thank you to McCaffrey’s in Princeton and to the shoppers that donated non-perishable foods and toiletries to us at our recent food drive!  For a summer Saturday in August, we collected over 1,400 lbs. to replenish our inventory and shelves of these much need household staples for our weekly distribution to working families in need in our local communities.  Thank you to the helping hands volunteers helping at the food drive!


Thank You, Highland-Park Phil-Am (Philippine-American) Lions Club of New Jersey!

Thank you to the Highland-Park Phil-Am (Philippine-American) Lions Club of New Jersey for their helping hands on Saturday at the Bentley warehouse facility.  Helping hands volunteers are an integral part of our community at Bentley, giving of their time and helping to sort the many provisions we gratefully receive from our generous providers.  Thank you!

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Thank You, Snyder’s Farm & Bloomberg!

Another great work team from Bloomberg helped Bentley and volunteered to help harvest eggplant from the fields at Snyder’s Farm. What a bounty was picked – 840 lbs. of beautiful, farm fresh eggplant to distribute to our neighbors in need! Many thanks to Snyder’s Farm and Bloomberg as they help Bentley create access to healthy foods, facilitating healthy diets and nutrition! We certainly appreciate your hard work!