Workday with Bloomberg at Norz Hill Farm

So many volunteer employee teams from Bloomberg came out to the farm to help us this year since the spring to assist and help perform so many tasks at our generous provider farm, Norz Hill.  The hard working crews helped us harvest a full array of vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, beans, various types of squash, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and pumpkins.  They helped stake and string tomatoes and washed, dried and packed them. They cut corn stalks, that were gathered and tied.  Each and every hard working team is such a pleasure to work with and each accomplished so much! Working together for the greater good with the Bentley community of participant volunteers and community volunteers has been a delight, where we help and serve one another.  Thank you to Bloomberg, Norz Hill Farm and our Bentley volunteers who all worked together and certainly made a huge, positive difference and impact. MORE PICTURES ON PHOTO PAGE.


Picking Pumpkins

We thank Bloomberg for their employee team that came out to Norz Hill Farm to help us pick all kinds of pumpkins and spaghetti squash yesterday.  It was another beautiful and successful day at the farm thanks to Bloomberg and their hard working employee community teams that do so much good for the greater good!  Thank you to Norz Hill Farm for another wonderful and educational experience and for your generous farm fresh produce to Bentley!


Helping our Community of Families Through Food Drives

We are so thankful to Bristol Myers-Squibb in New Brunswick for holding a food drive for Bentley of non-perishable food provisions from our suggested list!  We certainly are grateful for your generous contributions!

We are so thankful to The Mary Jacobs Memorial Library for holding a food drive for Bentley of non-perishable food provisions from our suggested list!  We certainly are grateful to the library community from Montgomery and Rocky Hill for your generous contributions!









Griggstown Farm Workday

We were at Griggstown Farm picking farm fresh zucchini, cucumbers and green peppers on Friday with several of our community volunteers.  We certainly are grateful to our generous provider, Griggstown Farm, for the bounty of fresh produce and our community volunteers, who do such a great job picking vegetables!


Bentley/Bloomberg/Norz Hill Farm Workdays

We are so thankful to the “BOB” (Best of Bloomberg) employee volunteer community giving teams that came out with us to Norz Hill Farm on July 28 and 29th!  The many helping hands that worked in the beautiful farm fields of fresh produce who strung tomato plants, picked fresh farm produce, then washed, dried and packed the produce were so helpful.  We accomplished so much work together and we certainly are grateful. Thank you Norz Hill Farm and Bloomberg.

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