Work, Life and Time Management Seminar

Participant families in the Bentley program self-state their goals and we help them try to achieve them by offering specific classes.  Our third such class is coming up.  On November 12 and 19, our participant families will be attending a Work, Life and Time Management class “Make Every Minute Count” and learning about important work/life skills. We believe that being a life-long learner, always learning new and up-to-date information can truly lead to greater possibilities and opportunities.

Our facilitator leading the class is Lorette Pruden.  Lorette owns Team Nimbus NJ, a small business development and coaching practice, is a founder and board member of the Montgomery Business Association, Past-president of the National Speakers Association NJ chapter and has managed the Montgomery Friends of Open Space Farmers Market for the last twelve years.  She served on several boards of not-for-profit and arts organizations as well.

Lorette has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University and spent a rewarding career at Mobil before the Exxon buyout several years ago.

One of the Formerly Corporate™ herself, her latest book by that title talks about the mindset shifts required for success in a different environment.  Whether you are looking for another job, starting your own business, or managing a household and family, many of the issues of time management are similar.

We thank Pastor Tony and Montgomery United Methodist Church for being the host location for the classes.  We thank Lorette Pruden for being our facilitator and look so forward to the classes. Again, we certainly are grateful for the Bentley community.



Thank you, Trader Joe’s

Thank you to Trader Joe’s for their generous provisions week after week of incredible and amazing food provisions, mostly organic and so healthy, to feed and distribute to our participant families. Also, weekly you generously provide us with the most beautiful, fresh flowers, so many wonderful types of plants, fresh herb plants and seasonal plants and flowers!  Thank you for adding so much color, beauty and enrichment to everyone,  We are truly so grateful for all you do for Bentley and helping us reach higher levels in our distribution of such truly amazing and incredible generous provisions in feeding our participant families.

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Bentley, Bloomberg & Bristol Myers-Squibb

Our final farm workday of 2014 at our generous provider farm, Norz Hill Farm,  was a combined effort with our two corporate partners, Bloomberg and Bristol Myers-Squibb!  Over 30 employee volunteers helped and worked together so well picking pumpkins and fall squashes.  We are so grateful and truly amazed at how dedicated and hard working these teams are, helping not only our organization, but helping to provide for the other agencies we donate to. So many pumpkins, acorn, spaghetti and butternut squashes were picked and everyone got to take some home and share in the bounty of farm fresh vegetables.  Thank you to all for an incredible final farm workday!



Thank You Bristol Myers-Squibb

Thank you Bristol Myers-Squibb, New Brunswick for your generous donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries collected through your food drive to fill our shelves for our participant families.  We certainly are so grateful and truly are amazed at all of the wonderful food provisions provided by your community of giving employees.  Thank you!


Bentley & Amazon Smile

amazon smile

We are now registered with Amazon Smile. Did you know that every time you make a purchase, Amazon will make a donation to Bentley Community Services? Log on to and make your purchases count. Please sign up today.  You can use your existing account to make purchases the same way that you usually do or create a new account if you are a first-time buyer.  It only takes a minute to register, and you will never be asked to pay additional fees.  Sign up today! Thank you!

Workday with Bloomberg at Norz Hill Farm

So many volunteer employee teams from Bloomberg came out to the farm to help us this year since the spring to assist and help perform so many tasks at our generous provider farm, Norz Hill.  The hard working crews helped us harvest a full array of vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, beans, various types of squash, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes and pumpkins.  They helped stake and string tomatoes and washed, dried and packed them. They cut corn stalks, that were gathered and tied.  Each and every hard working team is such a pleasure to work with and each accomplished so much! Working together for the greater good with the Bentley community of participant volunteers and community volunteers has been a delight, where we help and serve one another.  Thank you to Bloomberg, Norz Hill Farm and our Bentley volunteers who all worked together and certainly made a huge, positive difference and impact. MORE PICTURES ON PHOTO PAGE.


Picking Pumpkins

We thank Bloomberg for their employee team that came out to Norz Hill Farm to help us pick all kinds of pumpkins and spaghetti squash yesterday.  It was another beautiful and successful day at the farm thanks to Bloomberg and their hard working employee community teams that do so much good for the greater good!  Thank you to Norz Hill Farm for another wonderful and educational experience and for your generous farm fresh produce to Bentley!