Healthy Farm, Fresh Produce and Farm, Fresh Eggs

There is nothing like farm fresh produce and fresh eggs to eat that comes directly from our extremely hard-working generous provider farms.  Thank you for your delicious, nourishing and nutritious produce and eggs that feed so many struggling families in the Central New Jersey region.  Making a huge difference in the lives of so many, we thank Norz Hill Farm, Von Thun Farm, Orchard Farm Organics, Giamarese Farm, Griggstown Farm, Montgomery Friends Farmer’s Market, Drake’s Farm and Farmers Against Hunger for their generous provisions.  We all are certainly truly blessed.




Calling All Volunteers

We are in need of additional volunteers to help at our warehouse distribution facility doing various tasks associated with generous food provisions coming in to help sort, pick, pack and place in cold storage equipment, to store and place on the shelves.  This is necessary weekly to get ready for distribution to participant families in the Bentley program.

Volunteers are needed to help distribute certain products to families when they come to pickup provisions and shop during specific hours during the week. Please contact us at 908-227-0684.  We certainly are grateful for the helping hands of all volunteers who do such a great job!


Von Thun Farm – Thank You!

We certainly are so grateful for the farm, fresh produce from our generous provider Von Thun Farm.  Ed and James are helping to prepare and pack delicious, generous provisions of produce to us so the participant families and their children can eat and enjoy fresh, nourishing and nutritious vegetables and fruits.  Thank you!



Farm Workday with Bloomberg

A work team from Bloomberg of new, young employees came out to the farm to help string rows of tomato plants, pick sunflowers and assorted farm, fresh produce. We thank Bloomberg for providing helping hands to us for this work team’s first farm workday! These young people certainly did an amazing job.  Thank you!


Recognition to the Drivers

Without a large transportation vehicle and a driver, provisions cannot get from Point A to Point B.  We pickup on a weekly schedule from our generous providers donated surplus provisions personally and we know first hand what takes place in traveling to the providers, loading the truck with generous provisions, driving to other pickups, loading the truck and driving back to the facility where it is unloaded.  Then, each crate, box, pallet or bag is broken down, sorted, packed and placed to where it needs to be: refrigerator, freezer, shelves or stored.

Bentley donates its surplus to other agencies in our region, re-distributing generous provisions to their at-risk vulnerable populations.  These agencies pickup generous provisions at our warehouse distribution facility and their drivers travel to our location in their truck and load the generous provisions.  Without these drivers doing this work, provisions cannot be picked up and transported back to the agency. These drivers play a very important role in the process.

We give recognition to these drivers that are hard-working, dedicated to their work, their charitable organization and who are kind, personable and thankful.  We are certainly thankful to know them and are honored and privileged to serve.



BMS Farm Workday – Thank You!

A work team from Bristol Myers-Squibb joined us at Norz Hill Farm all day to help pick farm, fresh produce and string rows and rows of tomato plants to the stakes. We are so thankful to them for their hard work, dedication and helping hands, working with us as we give back and help our large, generous provider farm that provides Bentley with such wonderful, nourishing farm, fresh produce for distribution to struggling, working families. Another beautiful, sunny work day. It is such a blessing to be in the fields working together for the greater good.  Thank you Bristol Myers-Squibb and Norz Hill Farm.



Outgrowing our Current Cold Storage Capacity

As Bentley grows in our communities helping struggling, working families, the amount of generous provisions we rescue increases as participant families pick up wholesome, nourishing and nutritious foods and more weekly. Outgrowing our present cold storage capacity, which includes numerous large, commercial refrigerators and freezers, much needed frozen capacity has been added into the warehouse distribution facility for larger sized items. We are certainly blessed and thankful to our generous providers for the fresh foods given to Bentley.  Every time a new unit is installed, it fills with generous provisions very quickly!  We certainly are grateful!


Helping Hands from Janssen Pharmaceutical

We are so grateful for the helping hands from Janssen.  The work team secured countless stakes in the rows of tomato plants getting them ready for stringing the plants to the stakes.  We thank them for their hard work and dedication as they hammered down the stakes all morning.  This is just one process in many that goes into growing produce.  Thank you to all for your amazing work.

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Bentley Has a Box Truck!

We are certainly so grateful for a generous funding angel that provided us with a much-needed box truck for pick up of provisions!  We have been outgrowing two large SUV’s and because of our box truck, we not only can fit more generous provisions but make sequential pick ups.  We certainly are thankful and blessed!  This truck will enable us to be more time and cost efficient, transport additional provisions and hold pallets.