Mission, Goals and Community

Bentley Community Services, Inc. is dedicated to help and provide for working families in the Central New Jersey region of communities who are struggling financially having difficulty making ends meet. Many working families are in financial crisis in food-insecure households, as they simply cannot afford the costs of healthy, nutritious and wholesome foods to feed their families.  BCS provides support and encouragement in a culture and environment of accountability and self-help to place families on the path to financial stability and security. Bentley creates access to a wide range of fresh, healthy foods, facilitating healthy diets and nutrition, creating an opportunity for struggling families to have their needs supplied and offset during a setback from unexpected situations. Bentley Community Services provides an alternative to area food banks for struggling families who do not receive assistance, and although employed, are not reaching financial solvency due to circumstances such as two incomes going to one, underemployment, increased debt, higher cost of living and groceries and other financial setbacks. By distributing a wide range of high quality foods each week, families are able to get on the fast track to recovery while we offset/eliminate their weekly grocery bills by being their main grocer.

Bentley Community Services, Inc. is a designated 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.

Community – We are so grateful to Birch Community Services who states ” the key here with BCS is the interaction we as people require in the exercise of community. 90% of the work in this program is more about people and 10% is about food.  This program is more about sharing.  Inside we share with one another – high quality, diverse foods, educational classes, experiences, listening ears, helping hands – and develop kinships as we get to know one another, assist each other and bear each others burdens.

Extending out into our community, we share not only product, but hopefully a sense of joy, thankfulness and belonging.  We gratefully accept what is given to us as an organization, and endeavor to enhance, help and encourage others in the good work they do also.  Through all this we encompass community and service”.

“In a mysterious way, deeds of compassion transform both the giver and the receiver.  What one person initiates as a healing gesture may accomplish the healing of both the giver and recipient.  This opens a rich dimension in the life of compassion:  it is less about meeting needs than it is about changing hearts, and the process is reciprocal”.

                                                                                         ~ Barbara Elliott ~ 

                                                                                                 “Street Saints”




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  1. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the Bentley suppliers. It is always amazing and heart warming to be a recipient of your generosity.

    Thank you for all you do and for Dorothy and Brant!

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