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We are Dorothy Stearns-Holmes and Brant Holmes.  We have donated foods and have had organized food drives to help families in our communities who struggle making ends meet, yet felt there was more to do to improve the future of these households.  In September of 2011 we saw a segment on the NBC Nightly News about a remarkable organization in Portland, Oregon that was making a difference for struggling families, Birch Community Services, Inc. Both of us were truly inspired immediately. We then contacted the organization’s founders, Suzanne and Barry Birch and thus began a relationship with two extremely special, gracious people.

In August 2012, we then made plans and traveled to Portland to Birch Community Services to meet Barry, Suzanne, their special staff and volunteers.  We witnessed this extremely well-organized operation at work and participated in a replication seminar along with others who had the similar calling to replicate the Birch business model, procedures and protocol that is highly successful.

The next chapter of our very exciting and interesting journey – when Bentley Community Services, Inc. received in March 2013 its designation as an approved 501 (c) 3 charitable organization dedicated to providing food, basic necessities, household goods, clothing and adult education on an ongoing basis to struggling families in need. We welcome those who need a “hand up” rather than a “hand out” and are prepared to participate in the unique, Birch-based method of meeting needs while working towards restoring self-sufficiency.  And, we invite our neighbors in the community to join us in this mission.

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  1. What a great job on your web site. I am humbled by reading your story and realizing afresh how uniquely God plans our steps if our hearts are open. We are so proud of the job you’re doing and anxious to stay in touch. Here’s hoping plans come together so you can be with us again on September 22nd. Love you both!

  2. Many, many sincere thanks to your organization for helping our family through our tough and difficult times. We are having such a hard time paying down our debts, meeting our monthly bills and just the day to day things that cost a lot. Providing for our family has become extremely difficult until we came into your program. We are saving so much money because of all of the great, healthy and delicious foods and especially the toiletries you give to us, that we are slowly climbing out of debt and paying our bills down. We can put gas in the cars with the extra $$$. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives in our time of need. Thank you so much – we have so much to be thankful for because of Bentley!

    • Being a part of Bentley Community Service has changed our lives for the better. We are parents who work multiple jobs and do all we can for our family. After being faced with medical bills and other challenges, we needed help. Bentley is there for us each and every week, with an abundance of healthy, fresh foods of all varieties. We have drastically cut down our grocery bill, and we eat out less. Now we have delicious, home cooked, nutritious meals! At the same time, we are getting rid of our debt. Thank you, Bentley, for giving us the support we need, and for renewing our hope. We are forever grateful.

  3. I am a volunteer at Birch Community Services. I volunteer to drive one of their 26 foot trucks for 10 hours each Monday. I am so glad to hear that your organization is doing well. I hope you are as successful as Barry (may he rest in peace) and Suzanne have been in Portland. It is a true blessing for all those families who are in need.

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