Krav Maga Workshop!

As part of ongoing workshops offered to participant families throughout the year, a portion  of the Bentley community participated in an exclusive Krav Maga workshop where they learned essential tools on how to defend themselves if attacked.  This was truly an eye-opening, amazing and informative workshop!

We thank Master Arkadiy and his staff from TKD Elite for facilitating the workshop and equipping all with the tools and knowledge of defending oneself.  Thank you to Princeton Fitness & Wellness in Princeton for hosting us at their facility.  What a great workshop this was for all!  We highly recommend this workshop to all and give it five stars!



Thank You, Bloomberg!

We cannot do what we do without the help of so many volunteers throughout the year. We appreciate and are so grateful for all volunteers.  Bentley continues to receive ongoing support and help from the employees at Bloomberg, offering their helping hands for the many diverse tasks that need to be done.

John and Dan truly did a terrific job this week helping in so many ways.  Thank you so much for your help!

BloombergHelpingHandsApril182017BloombergHelping HandsApril182017I


Thank You to All of Our Generous Providers

Each week as we go out on our scheduled pickups to our generous providers, we continue to be amazed and so thankful for the donations we receive of truly diverse, fresh and healthy food provisions, non-perishables and more to distribute to families in need.  We thank our providers for understanding our program as they assist and help us as we create access to healthy foods, facilitating healthy diets and nutrition for families who, though employed, are challenged making ends meet.  We divert these quality goods from the landfills into the households that could certainly use them. Thank you for your ongoing support of Bentley!