BMS Farm Workday – Thank You!

A work team from Bristol Myers-Squibb joined us at Norz Hill Farm all day to help pick farm, fresh produce and string rows and rows of tomato plants to the stakes. We are so thankful to them for their hard work, dedication and helping hands, working with us as we give back and help our large, generous provider farm that provides Bentley with such wonderful, nourishing farm, fresh produce for distribution to struggling, working families. Another beautiful, sunny work day. It is such a blessing to be in the fields working together for the greater good.  Thank you Bristol Myers-Squibb and Norz Hill Farm.



Outgrowing our Current Cold Storage Capacity

As Bentley grows in our communities helping struggling, working families, the amount of generous provisions we rescue increases as participant families pick up wholesome, nourishing and nutritious foods and more weekly. Outgrowing our present cold storage capacity, which includes numerous large, commercial refrigerators and freezers, much needed frozen capacity has been added into the warehouse distribution facility for larger sized items. We are certainly blessed and thankful to our generous providers for the fresh foods given to Bentley.  Every time a new unit is installed, it fills with generous provisions very quickly!  We certainly are grateful!


Helping Hands from Janssen Pharmaceutical

We are so grateful for the helping hands from Janssen.  The work team secured countless stakes in the rows of tomato plants getting them ready for stringing the plants to the stakes.  We thank them for their hard work and dedication as they hammered down the stakes all morning.  This is just one process in many that goes into growing produce.  Thank you to all for your amazing work.

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Bentley Has a Box Truck!

We are certainly so grateful for a generous funding angel that provided us with a much-needed box truck for pick up of provisions!  We have been outgrowing two large SUV’s and because of our box truck, we not only can fit more generous provisions but make sequential pick ups.  We certainly are thankful and blessed!  This truck will enable us to be more time and cost efficient, transport additional provisions and hold pallets.


Staking Rows of Tomatoes With Bloomberg

A team of employees from Bloomberg came out to our generous provider farm, Norz Hill  to help us place stakes in the rows of endless tomato plants to get them ready for stringing. Another beautiful, sunny day at the farm and plenty of work accomplished thanks to the always hard working and dedicated employee work teams from Bloomberg. We are so grateful to Bloomberg for their helping hands and to Norz Hill Farm, where we are blessed with amazing, farm fresh tomatoes and vegetables throughout the summer and fall season for distribution to so many families in need.

Bloombergnorzworkdayjune1020156 BloombergNorz workdayJune10

What an Educational & Informative Workshop!

The participant families of the Bentley program attended our recent workshop on Emotional & Mental Health Well-Being.  We offered this free workshop on two evenings where our community of families had a choice of either evening.  Our facilitator, Pauline Leung, MS, LAC presented such educational and informative material.  We are extremely grateful as everyone learned so much helpful information and certainly interacted with the facilitator and one another. These workshops are designed to help our participant families with their work/life circumstances and to move them forward as they head towards self-sufficiency.  We certainly are thankful!