Outgrowing Our Two, Large SUV’S

We are so blessed and certainly so grateful to receive such generous amounts of truly incredible provisions from our generous providers. In fact, we are simply outgrowing our two large SUV trucks that are utilized for pickups.  Bentley is growing and we are in need of a commercial vehicle so we can do sequential pickups instead of having to unload at our warehouse facility in order to have empty trucks to go out again for additional pickups. Thank you to all of our generous providers for your generous provisions where we distribute to struggling, working families in our region who are having difficulty making ends meet.


Beautiful Bursts of Color In Winter

In addition to the most amazing and delicious food provisions that Trader Joe’s provides us with, they recycle their lovely array of fresh flowers bi-weekly so our participant families may enjoy the most beautiful variety of colorful flowers.  Our families so enjoy arranging them in vases making lovely floral arrangements!  Thank you, Trader Joe’s.




Bentley Generous Providers Are Just That! Generous

It is the middle of winter and we are so blessed and thankful to have such a full range of groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, such diverse meats, poultry, seafood and more for our participant families to shop for and make decisions based on their own families needs. The truly incredible and amazing provisions we receive from our generous providers provide such healthy, well-balanced and nourishing meals. We thank our generous providers for providing us with the most delicious and diverse perishable and non-perishable food provisions.  Thank you for filling our refrigerators, freezers and shelves so we may continue providing for so many in need.


Freedom to Shop With Shopping Carts!

We are so thankful and blessed having moved into our new and larger, expanded facility.  In fact, our families now have shopping carts to shop with!  Our generous providers are so supportive and helpful. Thank you to ShopRite, Hillsborough, Trader Joe’s, Stop & Shop, Hillsborough and Stop & Shop, Raritan for their generous donation of two shopping carts each.  The shopping carts are of tremendous help and we thank you.

Participant families shop weekly with the freedom to make decisions and choices based on their family’s needs from a full range of healthy groceries and other provisions where we offset their grocery and basic needs bill.