Thank You for Your Support!

Each week a great crew from Bloomberg helps us at Bentley doing such a great job sorting through the mostly fresh and healthy food provisions we receive from our generous providers. Thank you to each employee and their helping hands! Their work has such a big impact on what we are able to provide weekly toward our distribution efforts to so many families.


Thank You, TIAA!

Many thanks to the team from TIAA that came to offer helping hands at our warehouse distribution facility.  We truly appreciate all the work they did sorting fresh foods, processing flowers and plants, sorting bakery provisions, stocking shelves and helping set up for distribution to our clientele families!


Thank You, Bloomberg!

We are certainly thankful to Bloomberg for their amazing ongoing support!  Each week, employee volunteers from Bloomberg do such a variety of help at the Bentley warehouse that centers around our generous provisions we receive from our generous providers, sorting a wide range of food products. Thank you!


Food Drive at ShopRite!

Our recent food drive for non-perishable provisions was another success at the Shop Rite in Hillsborough!  Many thanks to the community of generous shoppers, Shop Rite and the group of volunteers that helped at our food drive event.  We collected over 1,700 lbs and this will help replenish our shelves and inventory of crucial household pantry staples.