Giving Tuesday

On this Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to Bentley Community Services for your tax-deductible year end donation.  We appreciate and are grateful for your help and support! Thank you!

Please Donate Now

Unfortunately, our landlord has quadrupled our lease and we are forced to move to another location where we plan to expand and enhance our services.  Needless to say, to be displaced during the economic climate we all are experiencing where more and more families are in need of help is egregious.

We are respectfully requesting your support to help us move. During this season of giving, please consider giving to Bentley Community Services for your tax-deductible donation that will be of tremendous help to make this happen.  Our website is and our Facebook page is  You can donate here on our website by clicking on the PayPal donation icon.  We certainly appreciate your generous donations and are grateful for your help and support.


Thank You Bloomberg!

We appreciate and are thankful for the many helping hands employee volunteers that come to Bentley each week to help us in our operations.  Everyone does such a terrific job with the many tasks there are to do.  Thank you Bloomberg!

Thank You BMS!

A team of employee volunteers from BMS came to Bentley recently to offer helping hands during a very large intake day. They all did such terrific work checking and sorting through numerous boxes of high quality foods that came in from our generous providers.  They also stocked shelves, sorted through fresh bakery and desserts and all pitched in to recycle endless cardboard boxes.  These ladies helped us tremendously. Thank you!

Thank You Leung Family!

The Leung Family joined our Saturday volunteer group in June to help with our large intake of provisions on Saturdays. Twice each month ongoing they come as a family to help check and sort provisions and other necessary tasks. We so appreciate their helping hands as they all do terrific work.  Thank you!

Thank You BMS!

Our friends from BMS came to Bentley to help us with our operations to check and sort fresh food provisions, stock shelves, unpack non-perishable products and other work associated with our operations. Thank you BMS for your terrific helping hands!


Thank You Bloomberg!

We are so thankful to Bloomberg and the employee volunteers that come to Bentley weekly to help us with our operations.  They all do such terrific work with the many tasks there are to do. Thank you!

Thank You Trader Joe’s!

Thank you Trader Joe’s for providing Bentley with such a full range of diverse, healthy and delicious foods that we distribute to our clientele. In addition, we thank you for the weekly beautiful donations of fresh flowers, plants and seasonal flora that we receive from you to process for our clientele when you receive new deliveries. It is such a magnificent sight to see each week!  Our clients are extremely grateful.  Thank you for being such a wonderful generous provider to Bentley.