Beautiful Flowers Weekly! Thank You, Trader Joe’s!

Bentley, in addition to truly healthy and nutritious fresh food provisions, is blessed to receive the most beautiful and diverse array of flowers and plants from Trader Joe’s each week.  Families are so grateful to receive these, adding bursts of color, enjoyment and happiness throughout their homes!  Working with the flowers, the end results are magnificent!



Thank You, Novo Nordisk!

Employee work teams from Novo Nordisk offered their helping hands at the Bentley warehouse distribution facility, sorting perishable and non-perishable food provisions, flowers and plants from our scheduled pickups and non-perishable food provisions and toiletries from our food drive.  We were blessed to have them offer their helping hands Saturday and Monday!  They chose Bentley for their philanthropic days of giving in celebration of Martin Luther King and we thank everyone for their terrific work!




Thank You, ShopRite & Generous Shoppers!

Despite cold temperatures and snow showers Saturday, Bentley had another successful food drive collection of non-perishable food provisions and toiletries!  A huge thank you to ShopRite and the generous community of shoppers that donated over 1,700 lbs. of provisions. A big thank you to the group of helping hands volunteers – we appreciate you and are grateful for your help!