Bentley Financial Workshop

Informative workshops are held throughout the year for the participant families in the Bentley program on various important topics. New Bentley families are required to attend a financial workshop that covers understanding your finances, maximizing your financial resources, budgeting, controlling spending, how to save crucial dollars, hidden costs and fees to question and avoid, improving credit scores and so much more. Thank you, George for facilitating the workshop!  Excellent workshop where everyone learned so much, as these families move forward towards their goal of financial stability and security.


A Big Thank You to Bloomberg!

A big thank you to our friends at Bloomberg and the employee work team that came to Bentley with their helping hands to sort and break down the 1,760 lbs. of non-perishable food provisions and toiletries from our successful food drive at ShopRite in Hillsborough! Amazing team work, always truly a pleasure to work alongside them.  This team also helped sort and breakdown the perishable foods arriving at Bentley!  Thank you to our community volunteers always!


Thank You!

Our recent food drive for non-perishable food provisions and toiletries at ShopRite in Hillsborough was so terrific.  We thank our friends at ShopRite, the shoppers for their generous donations and all of the volunteers for their helping hands.  This collection of non-perishable provisions will help us as we replenish our shelves for weekly distribution to families in our program so they can replenish their shelves in their households. Thank you!

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