Financial Seminar for Participants

Bentley held another financial seminar on June 26, 2014 for the second half of our participant families. Preparing a workable budget for their households, our facilitator, George Jarvis, walked them through their budgets, explaining everything from causes of financial stress, financial literacy to managing debt, fees to avoid, credit cards and even covered a section on employment and provided resources to help them.

Thank you to George for these two important financial seminar classes, Pastor Tony and the community of faith at Montgomery United Methodist Church, the venue location and our generous providers of refreshments:  Dunkin Donuts of Manville, Thomas Sweet, ShopRite of Hillsborough, Trader Joe’s and Costco.  We certainly are grateful.


200 Pounds of Cheeses from Cabot Cheese!

We are so honored and grateful to be the recipients of 200 pounds of cheeses from Cabot Cheese Company!  Throughout ShopRite stores and through their Registered Dieticians, Cabot Cheese conducted a promotion where the ShopRite store that logged the most mileage on an exercise bicycle wins!  ShopRite of Hillsborough won the competition and graciously chose Bentley as the recipient!  Thank you to ShopRite, Rachel and Lynette and Cabot Cheese!  We certainly are grateful to you!


Bentley Financial Seminar

We had our first financial seminar for the first half our participant families where they prepared a budget, learned about financial literacy and are prepared to follow their financial goals they set to head towards financial stability and security.

We certainly are grateful to our facilitator, George Jarvis, who did an outstanding job educating us on understanding our finances and budgets and answered so many great questions from our participants!  Meeting one on one with them afterwards, he set them on the right path to help them with their individual goals.

Thank you to Pastor Tony and the community of faith at Montgomery United Methodist Church for their warm welcome, their participation in the financial seminar and for being the host location of this important class.

Thank you to our generous providers for providing wonderful refreshments: Dunkin Donuts of Manville, Thomas Sweet Cafe, Costco and ShopRite Hillsborough.  We certainly are grateful!


Upright Freezer

We are in need of an upright freezer, new or gently used.  Please call us at 908-227-0684 if you would like to donate it to Bentley and we will furnish you with a tax-receipt for your tax records.  Thank you for your generous contribution!