200 Pounds of Cheeses from Cabot Cheese!

We are so honored and grateful to be the recipients of 200 pounds of cheeses from Cabot Cheese Company!  Throughout ShopRite stores and through their Registered Dieticians, Cabot Cheese conducted a promotion where the ShopRite store that logged the most mileage on an exercise bicycle wins!  ShopRite of Hillsborough won the competition and graciously chose Bentley as the recipient!  Thank you to ShopRite, Rachel and Lynette and Cabot Cheese!  We certainly are grateful to you!


2 thoughts on “200 Pounds of Cheeses from Cabot Cheese!

    • Dear Wendy:

      We certainly are so grateful to you for the wonderful honor, celebration and for the generous donation of Cabot cheeses! How thoughtful of you! The honor of a plaque and ceremony is so special. Our participant families will certainly enjoy and appreciate the Cabot cheeses. Thank you so much for your generous donation and your excellence in being so community minded and giving! We certainly are thankful for our relationship with ShopRite of Hillsborough and Cabot Cheese Company! You did such a great job in organizing and coordinating this effort. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

      With gratitude,

      Dorothy Stearns

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